Justice (Roger Donaldson)

When Laura (January Jones) is raped and beaten by a man in snake-skin boots, her husband Will (Nicolas Cage) wishes for justice to come to the man who did it. Conveniently, skinhead Simon (Guy Pearce) shows up at the hospital offering to shoot the rapist.

Agreeing to this arrangement through buying chocolate bars at a vending machine, Will has unknowingly accepted to join a team of New Orleans vigilantes whose own justice system is based on a kind of Strangers on a Train method of covering up motive, with strangers taking on each others plots for revenge. While Laura recovers from her horrific ordeal, Will is being forced to kill a man to repay his debt.

This results in some cool action sequences and intense Nic Cage acting moments of the kind which we have grown to love. Check out the Nicolas Cage Movie Plot Generator if you haven’t already. These people know what they’re talking about.

As a drama/thriller, Justice is reasonably entertaining and sustains suspense throughout. Although poorly written and full of one-dimensional characters and a tepid climax, the audience can suspend belief in a ‘so-bad-it’s-good’ kind of way.

Guy Pearce impresses as the enigmatic villain of the piece and Cage invests in the role with his signature style. An interesting step is (almost) taken into the justice system in New Orleans post-hurricane Katrina, but this is shied away from in favour of some easier to digest conspiracy theories.

In cinemas now


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