Johnny English Reborn (Oliver Parker)

A sequel to Johnny English (2003), (but thankfully in no way related), we rejoin Rowan Atkinson as the unlikely MI5 agent, in a spoof spy thriller. After a disastrous mission in Mozambique eight years previously, English is called back into action when a plot is found to assassinate the Chinese premier. As usual, Johnny ends up in a bit of a pickle, but saves the day in the end thanks to his own brand of controlled chaos.

The film felt a bit like watching your dad dancing; feeling embarrassed watching an ageing man not quite pulling something off, but almost charmed by the effort involved. Rowan Atkinson plays a cross between the man-with-a-plan Blackadder, and the head-filled-with-porridge-and-not-brains, Mr Bean character. Fortunately the paper thin plot is helped by the lovely Rosamund Pike and brilliant bad-guy Dominic West.

The film was a bit like the anti-Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy- predictable, with obvious good guys and bad guys and not cool in any way. It was actually worse than the original Johnny English, and more like the American version with Steve Carell- Get Smart. Disappointing and all the ‘laughs’ are in the trailer. Not joking. This is one blip of a movie. A yawnfest. But I hope Rowan Atkinson does something worthwhile soon- the last thing I liked him in was Rat Race (2001)/ Blackadder Back and Forth (1999). I know Rosamund Pike can do better (loved Barney’s Version ’10, Women in Love ’11 and An Education ’09).


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