London Film Festival 2011: Bernie (Richard Linklater)

Working with Jack Black again after the previous success of School of Rock (2003), Richard Linklater proves he is the master of comedy with the truly hilarious, Bernie. The true story of funeral director and all-round good guy, Bernie (Black), who is convicted of first degree murder of rich Texas widow, Mrs Pearson (excellently played by Shirley MacLaine).

Jack Black is on top form; singing, dancing and squeezing laughs out of the blackest of comedy subjects. Applying make-up to corpses, he jokes about the pitfalls of cosmetizing the dead and turns what could be creepy and uncomfortable (superglueing eyelids shut!) into laughable situation comedy. It’s a pleasure to see him back on screens doing what he does best (I didn’t see Gulliver’s Travels, 2010, or Kung Foo Panda 1 or 2, so the last I saw was Tropic Thunder, 2008, and Be Kind Rewind, 2008).

Matthew McConaughey also shines as the small town Texan sheriff, proving his worth as a comedy actor. His cowboy swagger perfectly fits the mould of stereotypical wise cracking bounty hunter, right down to the toothpick stuck between his lips.

I haven’t laughed so hard in years and so would definitely recommend!



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