The Future

Artist, writer and filmmaker, Miranda July releases her much awaited second feature this week, The Future. Her first, Me, You and Everyone We Know received huge critical acclaim and took four prizes at Cannes, including the prestigious Golden Camera.

The Future, in which she writes, directs and stars in, focuses on a couple in L.A (July and Hamish Linklater) who adopt a stray cat and realise that their lives will never be the same again.

In an attempt to achieve their lives ambitions, the couple embark on a 30 days challenge; quit their jobs, the internet, their phones and see what the universe has to offer.

What follows is a surreal journey, narrated by Paw Paw, the rescued cat, who watches over the couple as they struggle trying to fulfil their potential, faced with the endless possibilities of life.

As July comments: “I’ve been gearing up to do something incredible for the past … fifteen years!”

While trying to make each day original with dance and song and playing dress-up, their commitment to each other is tested and they see what really matters in their lives.

July’s experience in performance-art comes through in the film as there is a strong sense of the importance of movement and the meaning behind it. It is clear that she knows how to manipulate film to its full potential as a visual medium. In one memorable scene, her character is enclosed in tight fabric, pushing to get out. This sense of entrapment in life and the inability to be free from societal/cultural constraints continues throughout.

The film’s shrewd observational nature matched by some quick-witted script writing from July, make this the must-see film of the summer.

Aside from the film, July has recently released a non-fiction book called ”It Chooses You,” about people who sell things through classified ads. She is currently at work on a novel and a performance art piece.


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